Andy Booth began his DJ career in college.  As a music lover, he had the best stereo system in his fraternity house, and was “nominated” to play music during house parties.  Time passed, he added equipment and music, and after graduation the phone calls started—“can you DJ my wedding?”  From those humble beginnings, a career was started, and continues today, more than 1200 weddings later.

 Yes, that’s right, 1200 weddings.  Simple math with tell you that he is not your “average” DJ in terms of age.  He proudly carries a head of distinguished gray hair, but still knows how to rock a party.  Here’s a quote from a testimonial from a past bride:  “We, as well as our guests, were very impressed with Andy.  He is personable, professional, friendly, and flexible…at one point on the dance floor, a friend said to me, "I have to admit I was kind of worried when I saw that your DJ has gray hair, but he knows how to work it!"

Andy stays on top of today’s trends.  He subscribes to a music service, and downloads the popular songs of today, usually before they are popular.  When you combine that with a thorough knowledge of music all the way back to the 1940’s, and the experience of playing for so many happy couples, you are working with a true veteran of the industry, and one whose only concern is you—the celebrating couple—and your happiness.  One more theme that runs through so many of the event reviews written by happy couples is “we did not have to worry about a thing.”  And you won’t either.