My philosophy on DJing wedding ceremonies and receptions is that they should start in an elegant, tasteful and professional manner then evolve into a fun upbeat celebration. Your job is simple, relax and have a great time and let me follow through with the details. I believe that all the elements of your wedding should flow together seamlessly. Starting with your minister, site location, caterer, photographer, flowers and yes your Ceremony and Reception Music. Together they create YOUR Wedding day. I am here to facilitate that seamless mix for you, while you enjoy your special day. The keys to having a stress free and fun wedding reception include careful planning and the right wedding professionals with good attitudes and exceptional work ethic. Once your big day arrives I will be working directly with these wedding professionals to make sure your event is a success. People don't come to your reception to see me, I am not the show. I am there to play music, handle the announcements and flow of the whole event. Your guests come to see you and your family to celebrate YOUR wedding. I will work with you to keep you comfortable in the spotlight. I just want people walking out saying, "Wow, what a fun yet classy reception."


Uplighting is a new option and is only offered to J.G.P. couples. (To see some of the custom Uplighted  weddings click HERE)

The right lighting can transform a great wedding reception area into a luxurious and elegant experience that can take your guests' breath away. Uplighting adds warmth to a ballroom, with a wash of light in the color of your choice accenting walls, columns, and architectural features. Accent Lighting will compliment your color scheme, and create a stunning effect by adding a whole level of design and elegance, transforming a plain room into a artistic gala.

I use only the best in lighting technology. All of the lights are tri colored LED's. What does this mean? The color is blended in the LED itself and not on the wall like cheaper Uplighting. (Think old Light Bright kids game.) There's no strange color coming from the base of the light. If you want Purple, it's purple, not Red and Blue at the bottom of the wall and purple at the top.

There's no cords for your guests to trip over. Every light fixture is Battery Powered! (Your venue Manager will love this.) Since the lights are battery powered, they are not limited on the locations around the room for setup.

Also, since they are battery powered, they operate virtually “cold” thus you NEVER have to worry about curious kids burning themselves.

If you like, the Uplighting can "Come to Life" when the dance floor opens up. The lights can change to multicolored "dance lights" later in the night. This is only turned on at the couples request. 


My philosophy focuses on quality NOT quantity. Your wedding is unique and should be treated as such. In fact, to assure that each wedding is given the proper attention, I only take on a limited amount of clients a year. Every pre consultation meeting when you are interviewing me, I am also interviewing you. It is very important that my style is EXACTLY what you are looking for. If my style does not fit your needs, I will be very happy to help you find someone that does.

Each week you will find me at some of the most luxuriously indulgent sites in Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas. Sites like The Carnegie MuseumThe PennsylvanianThe Omni William Penn Hotel, Omni Bedford Springs ResortThe Heinz History CenterRenaissance Hotel,  Pittsburgh Golf Club and many more.

Rates will vary depending on month, location, length of your event, and any additional services required. Please email or call to get an exact quote. I fully realize that this will not be the lowest quote you will receive, but are confident that the level of service and professionalism that we bring far exceeds the difference between the price and that of any other DJ in the market.  With most weddings there is many hours of planning, organizing, and coordinating a wedding before the event begins—usually about twice as many hours as the performance time.  I am prepared for anything that may pop up before or during the event. I am also confident in my abilities to keep things on track, and to provide an experience for you, your family, and your guests that is superior to any other.  When people talk about your wedding in years to come, I want the first thing that comes to mind to be just how much fun, and how enjoyable the reception was…yes, they can talk about the venue, or the food, or the decorations, but we want them to REMEMBER the good time that they enjoyed.

Are you ready to take the next step?