Uplighting is a new option and is only offered to J.G.P. couples. (To see some of the custom Uplighted  weddings click HERE)

The right lighting can transform a great wedding reception area into a luxurious and elegant experience that can take your guests' breath away. Uplighting adds warmth to a ballroom, with a wash of light in the color of your choice accenting walls, columns, and architectural features. Accent Lighting will compliment your color scheme, and create a stunning effect by adding a whole level of design and elegance, transforming a plain room into a artistic gala.

I use only the best in lighting technology. All of the lights are tri colored LED's. What does this mean? The color is blended in the LED itself and not on the wall like cheaper Uplighting. (Think old Light Bright kids game.) There's no strange color coming from the base of the light. If you want Purple, it's purple, not Red and Blue at the bottom of the wall and purple at the top.

There's no cords for your guests to trip over. Every light fixture is Battery Powered! (Your venue Manager will love this.) Since the lights are battery powered, they are not limited on the locations around the room for setup.

Also, since they are battery powered, they operate virtually “cold” thus you NEVER have to worry about curious kids burning themselves.

If you like, the Uplighting can "Come to Life" when the dance floor opens up. The lights can change to multicolored "dance lights" later in the night. This is only turned on at the couples request.